Deep in this skin…I’m buried within… holding on tightly to the thought that I’ll win

I’m stuck in this shell… it’s condemning like hell…slowly slipping away are the thoughts I’ll prevail

Destroyed and diseased… still my mind is at ease…watching my choices slip away with the breeze

Glimpses of past, lope through my mind…. as shards of my future seem to unbind

It’s becoming quite clear the destruction at hand….how will I live? How will I stand?

Lord, give me the strength to stand on my feet and the courage to face all my defeat

Not giving up, is easy to say….but reality hits like an unborn day

If your sun doesn’t shine lighting your path…your bow with no arrows will find only wrath…

Knowing inside, these feelings must change…the only light that I see is dark, cold and derange….

Taking that step and seeing your truth…could simply be the most crucial thing that you’ll do

Truly turning to God, laying my fears in his hands… this my friend…
is all I needed to stand!

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