A Mother’s Prayer

Lord, please place your hands with care…..
For this world below I can not bare.

Protect my babies from all of thee….
And all the horrible things they’ll see.

Take them gently by their little hands…
And one day, I’ll Lead them into your lands.

Be my eyes when I can not see…
For it’s you that gave their hearts to me.

Make them deaf when words are vein….
Their hearts have only love to gain.

This world is tarnished inside out….
Evil lurks without a doubt.

I’ve always placed you in my heart…
for I’ve also done this from their start.

Please remain inside their soul….
for if not, the devil, he’ll take his toll.

This my prayer I’ve said to you…. since I was born, once innocent too…. but now I pass this prayer to thee… protect my babies, from what they can not see.

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