With the light of each day… I sit down and pray…God grants me these words and shows me the way

Borrowed is time and meaningless our dime…Yet we fight for them both knowing neither’s benign

Cruelty is customary among people alike…. I still sit and wonder why our instinct’s to strike

God didn’t create our hatred inside… we made it habitual as we worship our pride

The battles endorsed against families and friends…. creates a clear cut path to a clear cut end…. why would we think this behaviors approved…As God looks down, he sees our intent to abuse

As I look around me… taking this in.. remembering what he gave for our sin… raising the question, would he do it again?

We created this chaos existing today…tragically shameful in every possible way

We seek absolution yet fail to refrain… his forgiveness is honored if we’d only proclaim.

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