Too Good To Be True

It’s too good to be true…. this is something you knew….ignoring it often….but, what else can you do?

That feeling you swallow deep in your soul… vibrates your bones and tightens its hold.
You know that it’s coming… maybe not when… it undoubtedly will…. Your certain within.

The feeling is frightening down through your toes…. yet, you are still hoping…as though no one else knows.

Each time that your happiness peaks to the moon… You’re certain that gravity trails behind soon.

Why must we always fail in this way…. can’t we just see this…. why do we stay?Failure and proof sends such dismay… but I am the magnet that forces it’s ray.

With each shining moment,  allotted in time… I’m almost certain this must be a crime.

Now here I stand thinking this through…. as I acknowledge abruptly…it’s too good, to be true.


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