Burden Of Proof

Burden Of Proof

As darkness falls upon my soul …. it’s like I’m sucked into this hole

I noticed things begin to change… inside and out I feel deranged

I know what’s coming can’t be good but how and why will never be understood

As my body begins to fight itself…. the scars that surface will compel

My mind and thoughts are first to go…as you may not see what lies below

Soon enough my body fails….I wonder if I will prevail

Invisible as it all may seem….to me I’m stuck inside a dream

I’m trapped inside this body bag…. unzip me please…is this a gag?

All the things I once could do…now people only misconstrue

To understand this within your mind… one moment I am walking fine… then my body fails to work … can’t you see… this is a perk

I thought I’d seen the worst of this…it was then I learned of the abyss… just how bad that this could be…my entire left side was taken from me

One month in and still the same…. As I think to myself will I ever regain?

Independence is everything but when it’s taken you aren’t the same

The burden that is left behind…. I see my family is now confined

I want to make this go away but MS it seems you’re here stay

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