This was written by my Husband after one of the worst MS attack I’ve had.  I wanted to share with the world how amazing he is and how lucky I am to have someone like him fighting in my corner.

Written by Jason Colunga dedicated to Me (Melissa Colunga)

       On September 15th, 2017 I got a glimpse into my future. As many of you are aware my wife has MS. Until my wife was diagnosed I had only heard about it. I didn’t know exactly what it was or what effect it had on a person. Like most people, once diagnosed, we started to do our research about the disease. What we learned is that it affects everyone differently. There are an enormous amount of symptoms but also there are a few that are very common among those who have it. MS is a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. MS symptoms can come and go it’s pretty strange how it works. Sometime it will be a quick 24 hour thing or what we soon came to find out days, weeks, months or a lifetime thing. Now I don’t want to get into too much detail but I felt it important to share the basics of MS to have a better understanding of my vision.

       About a week ago my wife became numb on the entire left side of her body. This is something she had never experienced before. Needless to say we became very concerned. We started immediately looking into all of her symptoms. We weren’t sure if it was a stroke, blood clot, or something else. We decided to wait it out for a couple of days. If you know my wife having her even considering the hospital was a victory in itself. After a couple of days the numbness turned to pain so the hospital was the only option at this point. At the hospital they ran every test known to mankind. EKG, CT scan, x-ray, MRI, L.M.N.O.P, and whatever other acronym there is.
The ER doctor called Melissa’s neurologist on a Sunday an amazingly she called back. Well, this was our first major taste of the effects this debilitating monster we call MS has on a person. Melissa had been diagnosed since Feb 2015 and has had some bad stuff happen but in my opinion this is by far the worst. I say my opinion because obviously I have no idea what this feels like. I can only go by observation. My poor wife has pretty much been laid up for a week. She fights to get up and move around but tires very easily. She still has very little strength in her left hand and left leg. Despite several rounds of high doses of steroid the strength has not returned. The sad and unfortunate reality is that it can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months for her to regain her strength. It is highly likely that if it does return it won’t be full strength. And still even a possibility it won’t come back at all. I know this is a long winded story but I had to lay the background.

       My wife had been planning to shower for the last few days. She just couldn’t muster the strength to get it done. I told her I would help her. We tried again for a couple of days. Having 4 boys makes taking a shower difficult in the first place. Now add this to the mix. By this point my wife was emotionally spent. Can you imagine you go from being able to walk, brush your hair, cook, clean, get dressed, put makeup on, you know the things we do on a daily basis and now struggle to stay awake long enough to watch a tv show. Physically she is drained. My amazing wife finally gathers enough strength to jump in the bath so she didn’t have to stand in the shower. Once I returned home from the picking Carsyn and Braidyn up from school I go to the bathroom and help my wife finish up. I jump in the shower and wash her hair and the parts of her body that she was unable to reach because of her left arm. Because I know my wife the fact that she allowed me to help her was special to me. She allowed me to share the most vulnerable moment in her life. As I’m washing her hair I am a bit nervous. I want to make sure I get it just right. I’ve washed my sons hair but you know us guys a little lather and we are good. With a woman it’s lather then condition and rinse. Make sure to rinse it all out or you have to do it again. I somehow manage to do a decent job or at least my wife let me believe I did lol.

       After experiencing this episode I know that this is just the beginning. I honest felt proud to do this for my wife. This was a special moment to me because I get to do this for her. I know it’s hard for her to understand why I would be willing to do this but I know if the roles were reversed she would understand. My true love isn’t only the picture of my beautiful wife I post on Facebook or use as a screensaver on my phone to show the world. True love is waking up to a make-upless woman with freckles she hates, watching her be frustrated with over rambunctious boys, having to have the hard discussions with me when I don’t communicate or talk about things with her, working side by side with my wife cooking and cleaning, dealing with her ocd of cleaning and organizing. Being in love with all of her, flaws, strengths, kindness, toughness, compassion and loving heart. I know this is what I will have to do in the future but it is my future, our future.

I love you Melissa Giles-Colunga


  1. I worked with a guy who developed MS in his mid 40s. I haven’t talked to him since I retired, but he as having good luck – said his doctor was amazed he missed no work days. I hope you have the best possible outcome – you sound like a great team.

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    • Kate, it’s always great to hear about someone with MS that’s doing well. I try to stay positive most days…. not that I don’t have my moment’s lol. Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving a comment😊

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