My Matron of Honor Speech (Wedding date July 22nd 2017) 

Good evening everyone….first I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Melissa (AKA MOE). I am the Matron of Honor and Ele’s Best friend offf twenttyy something plus years…idk we lost count….now I’m not going to get into the depth of our relationship just yet… because I wrote something that I think will cover that……but before I read it…..I would like to first tell you a quick story. 
 What I’m about to read to you I actually wrote in a dream. …sounds strange huh? you’re tellin me lol
One night a few weeks ago after an evening of wedding planning with the wedding party and some tears by Ele and I ….I went home and went to sleep as usual. Sometime in the early morning my eyes popped open…And I jumped up (those who know me well know that’s odd in itself lol) anyways, I had dreamt this poem and I knew I had to write it down as quickly as possible….. this is what it said…..

ELE…….     (Bride)

A soul was never meant for 2….an exception was made for me and you …

As God began to cre-ate me…. he decided to give you half you see….
31, days it took…. as he wrote our lives in one crazy (fucked up) F’ed up book…
Our paths were ALWAYS meant to blend….After all, we share everything except underwear and Men….
While we didn’t know how life would end…what we knew was that
we each had an exceptional friend…

As hard as life was back then… together we fought to no end…
As we grew… our books began…. but still this story was written by a single hand….separate pages, they may have been but soon enough these pages will blend…
3 years went by…each soul to die. Inside, all we did was cry…
One random day our lives were changed ….once lost trying to find our way….We found that missing piece of us…we needed that….
We needed US.
From that moment etched in time…we became one soul with 2 minds.. 
Never again will time creep by… leaving us empty and alone inside…
I vow to you on this day to always be the one to stay… after all, our book is shared….the pages crafted and prepared.
Our souls were made from 1 you see …..     split in 2…     for you and me.

CC……..   (Groom)
On this day I’ll give to you…
Please Understand, we are one soul that’s split in two… you’ve proven your worth and love alike…it’s for this reason….I will not strike. 
You and her have been through HELL… together you’ve fought… when the world was stale.
Clearly you are meant to be…. you fought for her that’s clear to me….
But remember, with time, as things fall apart…keep holding her hand because you hold her heart.

Ele had never believed in love…you came along … you went above. 
As her mind began to let this go….her heart you see began to glow.
You showed her what it meant to fight… didn’t let her go despite.
I told you one day on the phone to not give up to move the stone….She needed time to sort her mind… for her feelings were buried deep inside.
Though it all seemed so far fetched….You listened well to the Ele dialect. lol
The fight paid off and here you are…both of you have come so far.
Now I’ll pass this gift to you…her and I have ALWAYS been like glue.  
Please, protect her…with all that you can prepare ….for she’s so unique and extremely rare.  
Yes it’s true this job is big….Sorry Ele but ittt ….just is lol….As I’ve said… I trust in you…. you proved yourself …. you made it through.
I thank you for the Man you are….God sent you here to be her Star.

Now Raise your glass and cheers.. with me….I think that you will all… agree 
today we wish
this couple well ….now CC take her …..       AND RUN LIKE HELL!!!!

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