Heart Of Gold

A heart made of gold has a story untold….
Although folded so neatly and appearing …so lavish….the truth will remain that a crease …is still damage.

It’s said that, what goes up, must always come down…so, it’s also true that you take what you’ve found…
Give or take what does it matter… it’s perceived the same …a heart of gold can still shatter.

People will see the pieces the same… as they step down ….the cracking sound will remain…
You can show them the way around all the fragment …..but the sad truth is… they will likely prove stagnant.

The more that you give…. the more they will take… leaving you blind with your heart on a stake.

You may wish to change and become like a rock… appearing to others as strong as the ox…
The reality is…as much as you may have tried, you can’t be just like them….for you have a Heart of gold placed inside.


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