Trust is a reputation, that requires replication…it must remain as sacred to not succumb to hatred.

Profound as it may be… it tends to hold the key.  It can hold you back or set you free… this is what we fail to see.

Trust it’s something earned…. not something given without concern.

Trust should not be broken for the consequence remains unspoken.  Blind as you may be to this…I need for you to see to this.

I trusted you… you let me down… this is now our 5th go round…. and yes I’ve asked myself why… but then I just start to cry.

Why must it be I’m faced with this… what have I done to make it this…
each time you build my trust back up… you tear me down like I’m corrupt.

I try to understand it all but deep inside you hold a wall.  Catch me please before I fall and with me down will go it all.

Reciprocations all I need… to hold on to this trust…communications all I need… to hold on to this love…but somehow you don’t see…. how easy this could be…if only you would understand and let yourself go free.

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