Cruel Intentions

The cruel intentions held deep within our minds… can speak so loudly causing us to appear blind.

In order to overcome what the world has done… would mean we’d fight for what we’ve already won.

As lost little children we were eager to thrive … acceptance and love is all that we’d need to survive.

Survival is certain when that’s all you choose but why let the world force you to lose?

People will taunt you and make you believe…but you have a choice in how you choose to perceive.

I once was the one easily deluded….believed I would always feel this secluded…but now take a look, at who was just saluted.

So many children are faced with this choice…to become their parents or ascertain their voice.

Before this choice we are condemned by society…all thanks given to your parents notoriety.

Assumption and conjecture….
Like a repeated lecture….
our lives are not meant to be preconceived texture.

We can only hope that we turn out superior….particularly because we’re perceived as inferior.

I overcame what was written for me…..yet I still needed for her to see.

Mom, I need an apology!

My cards weren’t played with the hand I held…but still it seems somehow I failed.

How did you think all this would end?
Everything I went through…
Everywhere I’ve been.

You showed me the world through evil itself….while all of the good sat up on a shelf.

A best friend indeed… when you’re in need….heroine heroine it’s better than speed.

Innocence lost through observation… all that I saw….was this your intended creation?

No need to list everything that I went through… I’m sure that world can guess what I meant to you.

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