Clarity Unseen

When your blind to the light and it’s only failure you see…. open your eyes and set yourself free.

life doesn’t happen the way you command…. sometimes your mind it causes the dam.

Only if you, could see the truth…. you’d understand, life is bigger than you. 

Every impression and failure alike… has something amazing that sheds its light.

look beyond the immediate fault… for what you will see, is the end result.

Everything happens with greater intent… you still may not see what this has all meant.

Your failure is epic please open your eyes…remember to see beyond the demise.

A life lost means, more than just what it is…. a life that is lost has much more to give.

A single event failed by your hands ….can equal five lives lead by your strands.

God did the same with what he gave….for his only son’s life meant we were all saved.

4 thoughts on “Clarity Unseen

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