Two Souls Connected

When the light is dim and the days are dark….look deep within for that tiny spark.

Inside yourself you’ve held the key…it just took his soul for you to see.

All this time you didn’t know… You held the answers…he held the glow.
As you realize what could be… together you’ll build… just wait and see.
Times will change becoming hard…. together your fight will take you far. 
Hang on tight the ride is rough but in the end he’ll be enough. 
Even if your heart becomes shattered….if your love is infinite… this will have never mattered.
Move past fast but make it count….for your forgiveness will amount. 
There is no doubt you’ll give a lot but remember this, love… it can’t be bought. 
When your souls become one and together have evolved…. Everything else seems so easily resolved. 
It’s at this point you’re now connected….just embrace it and…. be sure to respect him.  
A connection deep is rare to find…this is because we’ve all been blind but if you look, deep inside him…. you’ll see yourself forever, right beside him. 

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