Identity Mistaken

In the midst of a thought as your mind wanders on….you pull back and you think, am I just gone?

Concentration is erratic….it comes across just like static, it collects somewhere else that’s outside yourself.

The days are unsure although nights seem better….I feel like my life has become a chain letter.

Though each day is different….they are all just the same….I’m tormented greatly and left in the rain.

Just as I learn to embrace the weather….here comes the lightning dropping down like a feather.

It doesn’t make sense, I know this well….but this is the story I continue to tell. 

All this is crazy, believe me I know….but this is the disease that won’t let me go.

I sat there daily wondering why…how did this catch me? As I drop my head and I sigh.

It was sometime after it became nearly unbearable…that I decided this had to be somewhat repairable….It wasn’t quite what I found to be true….but what I found was a much clearer view.

I began to reflect and thought what am I missing? My life was meant to be greater than this…I know this, I feel this, I can’t be stuck wishing!

Time went on and left me behind…all that I needed was a piece of mind.

Things were chaotic and almost unbelievable….It seemed each little thing was so unachievable. 

Then I realized what was all wrong… the things I have been blind to all along.

It was then that I started to embrace this quest….I just hadn’t seen that I’d been so blessed.

In this moment I thought aloud, this moment in time will be profound and with this body I WILL BE the best…..because I found the Collateral Beauty inside of MS.

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